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SICOREL’s quality management system is certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard and, for this reason, we qualify and periodically evaluate all our suppliers, with a score based on the average of parameters defined for this purpose, depending on the type of supplier: Materials; Machines and Equipment; Transport.

About Us

A team of professionals that since 2006 seeks to offer customers a competitive advantage, providing products targeted to their needs, at competitive prices with short delivery times.

Our Philosophy

We work with very demanding tolerances and high quality standards. If you have a problem and are looking for a solution, please contact us!

Our Work

We use technologically advanced equipment to transform products into shapes that will improve our customers’ end product, lower parts costs and increase productivity.

Our Services

We do our best to make your Sicorel experience simple and pleasant. We have Precision Cutting, Die Cutting, Lamination, Cutting, Rewinding and Prototyping Services available.

Precision Cutting

Laser cutting with no design limitations and no tool cost

Die Cuts

Using your drawings we cut pieces on a rotating or hydraulic press with micron tolerances


We´re able to laminate adhesive on any substrate

Slitting Services

Our adhesive tapes & films in any dimension (length or width)

Rewinding Services

After cutting and respective customization, we can rewind our products to any length


We help in the design of your piece and produce prototype for your approval

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